Sunday, February 28, 2010

Silence is Golden

Silence. Peace & Quiet. Rest. All really great things that we haven't had too much of recently, thus the reason for the long pause on my blog.

Adam, Lucy and I had the privilege of being able to go back and visit all of our family and friends in Tennessee the weekend of Valentine's Day. We had a wonderfully exhausting visit and Lucy was quite the traveler. Not a peep or whimper one on the plane...not one!

She was a complete angel, slept through the night and didn't complain once about being passed around from stranger to stranger....that is until we got home. Poor child had been touched, held, patted and talked to until she was blue in the face. It was like a switch flipped the minute we deboarded the plane. A couple of people free days and some black-out curtains later and we are back on track.

We are very grateful for our family, but there's no place like place!

**Lucy update:
Lucy is up to 10.7 pounds! She's so petite and is still wearing newborn size bottoms. We have graduated to 3 month tops...unfortunately, that have matching 3 month bottoms. My poor child may be destined to wear one-piece outfits the rest of her life!

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