Sunday, December 12, 2010

Knowing and being Known

It seems that the holiday season always brings up memories (good and bad) of Christmases past. While decorating our tree I hung a painted sand dollar ornament that my dad gave to me the year after my parents separated. Surprisingly enough, I have fond memories of that Christmas. You see, my dad bought gifts for me, all by himself....and he got me all the things I loved. A puzzle, a book, a 'cat themed' ornament, and other stuff,I don't remember (I am no longer into cats...if anyone cares). I remember feeling known...and isn't that what we want when we receive a gift? We want the giver to know us. We don't want a sweater our grandmother would wear or a strange statue of Santa Clause.

I like to shop with this same attitude. And if I don't really know you, you're getting a gift card (sorry to spoil the surprise). I want my gift to say, "I know you," or "I like you enough to get you a gift card." I take the pressure off myself and you're not stuck trying to return an awful sweater. It's a win win!

Seriously, it's nice to look back at an awkward Christmas with a smile. Thanks dad, for knowing me.