Thursday, December 22, 2011


Today, I am a daughter, sister, wife, mama, co-worker, pastor and friend.  Today I will make dinner, put my daughter to bed and kiss my husband good night.  Today will not be much different than yesterday or tomorrow.  Today, I am cancer free. Today.

2 years ago today, I had a very tiny, vulnerable, 6 week old baby girl in my home that I was afraid to love.   2 years ago today I had only shared with a handful of people that I was even having surgery.  2 years ago today, I had a total thyroidectomy to remove the cancer. 2 years ago today.

I'm not a very dramatic person, and this post may seem a little sensationalized.  But, unfortunately my reality 2 years ago today WAS dramatic.  It was scary and overwhelming and I thought the best way to handle it was to act as if everything was routine and normal.  Cancer is not routine or normal.  Adoption is not routine or normal. 

If I had known what my reality would become 2 years later, would I have been less scared or overwhelmed?  Probably not.  But, I have been given the benefit of today.  A routine, normal day with the most amazing husband and precious daughter. 

Today I'm grateful for life.  Today.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Silence = Exhaustion

Hello blog world! 

I know, I know, it's been a long time.  Too long in fact, because I'm certain the 1 1/2 readers I have (had) have long given up on me and moved on to much more interesting blogs, or at the very least someone who actually POSTS on their blog.  Imagine that, someone who actually posts on their blog!  Overachievers.

My silence really is due to my shear exhaustion.  After returning from Africa, our lives seem to be moving at super sonic speed. Here are the highlights in picture form, because frankly it's easier, and I don't have to be as witty. :)

Lucy started "school" aka Mother's Day Out.  She absolutely LOVES it!

Lucy was dressed appropriately as a Bee for Halloween.
Lucy also, has suddenly developed a 'hate' relationship with the camera.  I can't believe the school even got this shot!
Lucy turned 2 and we had a super small, stress-free party. Best.decision.ever.

Merry Christmas from the Mosleys!

Merry Bright Greeting Holiday
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Highlights from my trip to Africa Part 1

Sorry this post is missing pictures...I could blame it on the fact tht I'm in a third world country, but the reality is that I'm exhausted and not feeling that creative. So here goes.

1. The flight from DC to Zurich should have been advertised as a roller coaster ride.
2. Swiss Air wins the award for best airplane food. 
3. Radio in Kenya takes me back to 8th grade. WTFM 98.5 "Nothing's gonna change my love for you..."
4. Can't reconcile the billboards for 3d televisions and the fact that I can't use the water to brush my teeth.
5. It's really dark at night and Kenyans walk everywhere. It's kinda scary. You can't see them.
6. Deodorant is still not accepted worldwide. Why???
7. Be assured that every sweater vest you have ever donated to missions is still being worn.
8. Thank the Lord for the always stylish pony tail.

Stay tuned for part 2.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stationery Card

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Friday, June 3, 2011

A Long Time Coming

I have waited a LONG time for this, so please excuse me while I post a few of my favorite pictures of  
Miss Lucy Bea Mosley.

The very first day we met her.  4 days old.

I'm a Rock Star!
She has a psychedelic halo!
Sweet, Lucy Bear.

Lucy's First Birthday!
I can see you!

Cheesin' for the camera.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fear, Fight and Fostering

Disclaimer: Mom (and other family members) Nothing new has happened...I'm just now blogging about everything you already know. Love you!

I've experienced more fear in the last 14 months than I have EVER experienced in my LIFE! You know the "sick" meter they have posted on hospital walls for your pain level? 0-1 No Pain, 2-3 Mild Pain- all the way to 10 Unbearable pain.

If there were a fear meter I'm sure I would have ranked between 5-Discomforting Fear to 10-Unbearable Fear 90% of the last year. When we signed up for fostering to adopt I had NO idea the amount of fear I would go through.

This fear for me hasn't been a lesson in faith, rather a lesson in fight. I haven't experienced an over abundance of fear in my life, because I run from scenarios that aren't a "sure thing." I choose friends who I'm confident will not hurt me. I take jobs that I can over-achieve at. I set expectations low, so when I am disappointed...well, "I knew that was going to happen anyway because, I live in the real world." Unfortunately, my realistic personality hasn't taught me to fight for much.

Throw a sweet baby girl into the mix with parents who are unable to take care of her, family members who can't decide what they want and a broken system filled with red tape and I have suddenly found myself in the RISKIEST situation of all - the possibility that I might lose the most amazing 2 1/2 foot tall human being on the planet. And folks....I'm just not going to let that happen. Nope. God ordained her life to be a part of ours forever - He has confirmed it too many times for me to doubt Him.

So, satan...get your boxing gloves ready, 'cause you've got a fight on your hands.