Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Debt by Walmart

So, if you follow me on twitter or facebook, you know that I often refer to my neighborhood as 'the ghetto.' Is that an exaggeration...yes...but compared to the 'burbs where all my friends live it might as well be the ghetto. The police station, WIC office and Food Town are within walking distance. Because Food Town is so close, it has become my regular grocery store. The selection is not so great, they don't carry a wide variety of brands, the baby formula is kept behind lock and key, no one speaks English....BUT limes are 5 for a $1, avocados are 2 for $1. You can buy ANY pepper, mexican cheese or cut of meat imaginable, and chicken breast is regularly $1.99 a pound!

Recently, I've been shopping at Walmart because Lucy needs different bottles, or drop ins, or diapers or geez fill in the blank...Lucy NEEDS it! :) While I'm there I grab a 'few' groceries, which inevitably turns into my regular grocery shopping. I can not walk out of that store for less than 100 bucks (Lucy's NEEDS account for about 20% of that)! Maybe that's not much to you, but I rarely spend more than $50 at Food Town. And should I mention that Walmart has less and less selection...Great Value my foot.

So, while I can not officially write off Walmart...diapers are cheaper there. I will no longer be grabbing a 'few' groceries after visiting the baby department.