Thursday, December 22, 2011


Today, I am a daughter, sister, wife, mama, co-worker, pastor and friend.  Today I will make dinner, put my daughter to bed and kiss my husband good night.  Today will not be much different than yesterday or tomorrow.  Today, I am cancer free. Today.

2 years ago today, I had a very tiny, vulnerable, 6 week old baby girl in my home that I was afraid to love.   2 years ago today I had only shared with a handful of people that I was even having surgery.  2 years ago today, I had a total thyroidectomy to remove the cancer. 2 years ago today.

I'm not a very dramatic person, and this post may seem a little sensationalized.  But, unfortunately my reality 2 years ago today WAS dramatic.  It was scary and overwhelming and I thought the best way to handle it was to act as if everything was routine and normal.  Cancer is not routine or normal.  Adoption is not routine or normal. 

If I had known what my reality would become 2 years later, would I have been less scared or overwhelmed?  Probably not.  But, I have been given the benefit of today.  A routine, normal day with the most amazing husband and precious daughter. 

Today I'm grateful for life.  Today.